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Gearing Up for College: A Freshman’s Guide

Leaving home and arriving at a new college for the first time can be a daunting experience for anyone. There are multitudes of new people to meet, a campus to navigate, tests to study for and papers to write. To help make the transition a bit easier, following is a list of important need-to-knows and want-to-knows.

Bring this:

Extra long twin sheets (36” x 80”) and bedding, including mattress cover and pillow

Surge protectors/power stripsBath and toiletry supplies, toilet paper, towels, shower supplies, cleaning supplies, shower mat, plunger

Laptop computer with wireless card; however, most residence halls have Ethernet connectivity and Argo Air (wireless)

Alarm clock

Telephone that plugs in or cell phone. We do not provide long distance service on campus so you will need calling cards for a land line telephone

First Aid kit, thermometer




Quarters for laundry machines. High efficiency, front loading detergent

Iron/small ironing board

Leave this:

Excessive amplified equipment and percussion instruments

Weapons of any type

Fireworks, candles, incense, chemicals or illegal substances

Toasters, hot plates and other items with open elements or open flames

Darts/dart boards and other game-like items which have potential to cause property damage

Refrigerator (one is provided)

Microwave (one is provided)

Space heater

Double-sided tape

Grills, grilling items, flammable items/liquids/hazardous liquids or chemicals

Liquor/alcohol and empty liquor/alcohol bottle collections are prohibited

Safety tips:

Avoid working or studying alone in a building at night.

If you must work alone in a building at night, make sure someone you trust knows where you are and what time you will be leaving the building. Have your cell phone with you and fully charged.

Know the locations of the blue lights on campus.  A map of the blue light locations is available on the UWFPD website.

Never prop doors open, especially fire doors, even for a short period.

While in the classroom, the library, the dining hall, the restrooms or any of the campus facilities, do not leave your belongings unattended.  Theft of textbooks is common due to the resale value of the books. If you need to leave, take your belongings with you.

Report anyone who behaves suspiciously to the University Police. Try to provide the police with a description of his or her appearance and the direction of travel or most current location.

Never walk alone after dark. Always walk with a friend if possible. If a friend is not available, call the University Police at 474-2415 for an escort on campus. You may also use the campus blue lights to contact the police department to request an escort.

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