Supporting our International Community

In light of the recent modifications made by the Student Exchange and Visitor Program regarding online courses and international students, we have reviewed our revised Fall 2020 semester course delivery methods. As our plan for fall includes face-to-face, hybrid and remote courses, we are positioned well to meet the face-to-face instruction requirements. We are actively […]

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Returning to UWF: Student Training and Pre-Screening

The UWF Fall 2020 Returning to UWF Plan includes important information about students’ health and wellness, and the prevention of COVID-19. In order to make UWF a safer and healthier environment, below are two new guidelines that will be in place when returning to UWF.  Mandatory Training  All students are required to take the COVID-19 […]

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Taking Action

Recently, UWF published tweets in response to racially-charged comments made by a UWF student. We sincerely regret and apologize that one of the tweets allowed for misinterpretation. Therefore, this tweet has been removed.  We want to reemphasize that the University of West Florida denounces all forms of racism and hate.  Over the next several weeks, […]

Featured in Campus Life

UWF improvises by celebrating full-ride scholarship recipients with caravan parade

A parade of vehicles with congratulatory words written on the windows and passengers holding blue and green pom poms out the windows weaved through Escambia and Santa Rosa County roads. The scene resembled a community celebrating a football championship. The University of West Florida is accustomed to celebrating champions, and while the COVID-19 global pandemic […]

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