University of West Florida graduate research assistant Jennifer Knutson tells the story of Campbell Town - Huguenot.

UWF Grad Student Searches for Lost Huguenot Settlement

While stories fill history books about immigrants who came to Colonial America and thrived, not as much is known about those who didn’t succeed.

User showing the newest version of the Next History Exit mobile app.

Next Exit History App Gets Visual Upgrade

History can’t be changed. But, Next Exit History, an app that catalogs important moments in time around the world is changing for the better through a new upgrade.

The area around Hawkshaw Lagoon where a walking maritime trail is planned along the water front

Historians, Archaeologists Plan Maritime Heritage Trail for Pensacola

The “Pensacola Maritime Heritage Trail” is the brainchild of Dr. Amy Mitchell-Cook, chair of the Department of History at the University of West Florida, and Dr. Della Scott-Ireton, associate director of the Florida Public Archaeology Network.

Dr. Brian Hood speaks from the Department of Philosophy lectures about “The Assumptions Our Models Betray” during UWF's Data Dialogues lecture series.

Dr. Brian Hood Delves Into Psychiatry’s Philosophical Underpinnings

Dr. Brian Hood is the program director and associate professor of Philosophy at the University of West Florida. He teaches philosophy of science, epistemology, and logic. He recently gave a talk titled “The Assumptions Our Models Betray” as part of the University’s Data Dialogues Lecture Series.

Community Maritime Park Scores Highest. It has good lighting, memorable features and well-maintained facilities.

Community Maritime Park Scores Highest in Park Survey

For the second year in a row, a University of West Florida freshman seminar class focused on the theme of community has studied the quality of Pensacola parks.

UWF Music Students Study With Grammy-Winner Eric Whitacre

Grammy-winning composer Eric Whitacre spent three days working as an artist in residence at the University of West Florida with students in the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities April 20-22.

Library books

UWF English Students’ Research Highlighted on National Stage

Students in the University of West Florida’s Department of English have recently gotten the opportunity to present their research at prestigious conferences across the country.

Research Highlighted at UWF Student Scholars Symposium

More than 180 exhibits representing the gamut of research were on display Thursday at the University of West Florida Student Scholars Symposium.

Runge Strings Orchestra Concert Offers Mix Of Traditional and Modern Fare

Though classical music has existed for hundreds of years, it remains fresh through interpretation and combinations of different pieces, and director Leonid Yanovskiy says the coming Runge Strings Orchestra Concert will be a good example of this.

Dr. Joseph Spaniola leads the jazz ensemble rehearsal at the University of West Florida.

Spaniola Creates Music, Teaches People How to Listen

Dr. Joseph Spaniola has spent 37 years composing and arranging music. For the last nine years he has drawn on these skills to teach students in the music department at the University of West Florida. His classes range from music theory to the history of rock ’n’ roll.

Thomas Asmuth working

UWF Professor to Take His ‘Turbidity Paintings’ to Hong Kong

University of West Florida art professor Thomas Asmuth continues to forge a reputation as an innovative explorer of experimental media by blending art, science and technology.

Dr. Jennifer M. Feltman, Visiting Assistant Professor in her office at the University of West Florida.

UWF’s Dr. Jennifer Feltman Explains Her Fascination with History’s Mysteries Revealed Through Architecture

Jennifer M. Feltman, a visiting professor in the art department of the University of West Florida, specializes in the art and architecture of medieval Europe.