Dr. Jamin Wells, assistant professor and director of the Public History Master’s Program at UWF on Jan. 15, 2021.

Two loves collide, leading history professor to UWF

Dr. Jamin Wells grew up in Rhode Island immersed in the maritime world. Alongside his father, who established one of the area’s first police dive teams and later opened a dive shop, Wells began diving at age 10 in the cold, murky New England water and spent his youth spearfishing, racing sailboats and diving on […]

Science, Art Meet at UWF Exhibit

Thomas Asmuth used a “photo dolly” to take bursts of underwater photographs at various distances from a solid backdrop to measure water turbidity.

Study: Low Birth Weight Linked to Overprotective Parenting, Problems in Adulthood

The study examined 81 extremely low birth weight survivors born from 1977 to 1982 who were matched with 87 people who were born with a normal birth weight who have been followed since that time.

Featured in Research Stories

UWF History Class Delves Into Pensacola Research

Members of “Local History” Summer course, which includes graduate and undergraduate students, recently presented research results at a symposium at the Voices of Pensacola Museum.

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