Graphic Design Students to Show Work at Pensacola Museum of Art

Pensacola – Seventeen graduating University of West Florida graphic design students will showcase their work at “Ellipsis.” The exhibition is scheduled for April 25-30 at the Pensacola Museum of Art.

“An ellipsis, a set of three dots, can be defined as a leap from one topic to another,” reads the designers’ statement about the show. “It is also a way to express that something is about to follow, or that a statement is ‘to be continued.’ We are a group of graphic designers transitioning from one world to the next. As we step into the workforce, we take the next step in our lives. Our stories will be continued, and this exhibition is both our last chapter in our college experience, and the first chapter of our future.”

This designers’ statement, their bios and examples of their work all appear on a website,, which the students designed themselves.

“The students produce this show from the ground up,” said Joseph Herring, an associate professor of art and design at UWF. “Besides the website committee, there are committees for the show’s catalog, social media, print promotion and environmental design, the actual physical layout of the four rooms at the Pensacola Museum of Art.”

Visitors to the show can see numerous types of graphic design that fall into these categories: poster design, publication design, information graphics, illustration design, pattern design, logos and branding, photography, typography and exhibition graphics and environmental design.

“We’re definitely learning a lot about putting on any kind of event and making sure to showcase our work for potential employers,” said Kristen Serrato, one of the graphic design students whose work will be highlighted in the show.

Another student, Darwin Robinson, took a break from working on enlarging some of his photographs that will appear in the poster design category, to comment on the show.

“I’ve never done anything like this for people to see,” Robinson said. “I want to keep it up. I’m learning what will set me apart in the professional world, and the end outcome is going to be great.”

Robinson, Serrato and the other students are wrapping up their efforts to ready their work for the show.

“I have got to do some troubleshooting,” said Erin Scott, who will be showing a set of three greeting cards that state “Thank You,” “Happy Birthday” and “Congratulations.” Scott was bent over the worktable in the digital lab fingering the fold of one of her cards, which feature hand-drawn designs on thick cardstock. The paper was starting to flake off along the fold, causing her some consternation. After consulting with Herring, she scored the card before folding it, and the problem seemed to be resolved.

“I would say that the majority of my work falls into the category of illustration,” Scott said. “My style is quirky, and it conveys a sense of products that are handmade and have a personal touch, like something that would be sold in a boutique.”

Herring commended the students on the work they have been doing the last two semesters to get ready for the exit show.

“These students are showcasing the UWF graphic design program at the same time they are showcasing themselves,” Herring said. “This exhibition represents the beginning of our new partnership with the Pensacola Museum of Art and is a sign of exciting things to come.”

The exhibition reception will be from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. Friday, April 28, at the Pensacola Museum of Art.