Innovation Institute shares the Gulf’s stories with community

The University of West Florida Innovation Institute’s Gulf Stories is a series of video-based, online courses that are free and open to anybody. They explore UWF’s deep connection to research in the Gulf of Mexico. “The idea behind the Gulf Stories has always been to showcase the deep connection UWF has now and has always […]

Askew Institute for Multidisciplinary Studies goes full STEAM ahead

The initial impetus to create an institute supporting multidisciplinary studies at UWF began in 2015 with a recommendation from UWF’s Task Force on Research and Scholarship. Two years later, that vision became a reality through a donation of $550,000 from Pensacola attorney Fred Levin, who requested the institute be named after his former law partner […]

UWF professor using environmental DNA to inventory fish communities in Gulf

Dr. Alexis Janosik has used the science of environmental DNA to find the extremely rare Alabama sturgeon and to provide evidence that invasive lionfish have moved into the mouths of local river systems. With her latest research, Janosik, an assistant professor in the Department of Biology at the University of West Florida, is using environmental […]

Featured in 2018-19 Annual Report

Study at UWF tests medication to reduce agitation due to Alzheimer’s disease

The University of West Florida is conducting clinical trials to evaluate if investigational medications can reduce the symptoms of agitation caused by Alzheimer’s disease. “If these were to come to market, they would be the first drugs approved to treat agitation associated with Alzheimer’s disease,” said Dr. Rodney Guttmann, a biology professor at UWF who […]

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