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Returning to UWF: Exposure to COVID-19

The University of West Florida has developed official protocols and resources for those who may have been exposed to COVID-19. Please review the below for additional information and visit for the Returning to UWF plan.

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How should students and employees notify the University if they have been exposed to COVID-19, have symptoms of COVID-19 or tested positive for COVID-19?
Students and employees visiting UWF are required to submit the Daily Pre-Screening form located in MyUWF. This form asks relevant questions and automatically notifies the appropriate support offices if a student or employee has been exposed to COVID-19.

If students are unable to complete the electronic pre-screening survey, they may complete one via telephone by contacting Student Health Services at 850.474.2172.

If students are not filling out this form due to being off-campus, they may inform UWF by contacting Student Health Services at 850.474.2172 or

If an employee is a permanent remote employee and not required to fill out the daily pre-screening, they must contact Human Resources immediately at or 850.474.2694.

What is expected of me for isolation and quarantine?
UWF has developed an official UWF Isolation and Quarantine Protocol with information on when and how to isolate or quarantine. This protocol follows the Centers for Disease Control and Florida Department of Health guidelines.

  • Isolation separates people who are infected with the virus from people who are not infected (people with symptoms and people who have tested positive).
  • Quarantine keeps someone who might have been exposed to the virus away from others (people who have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19).

Once reported to UWF, the student or employee will be contacted by an official COVID-19 Contact Tracker to evaluate potential exposure within the UWF community. They will be directed to quarantine or isolate, depending on the situation and must thoroughly review the UWF Isolation and Quarantine Protocol.

What do I do if I need modifications, support or resources due to COVID-19?
Students should complete the COVID-19 Modification or Support Request Form for follow up by the appropriate campus support office. Employees should contact Human Resources at or 850.474.2694.

Who should students contact if I cannot attend classes or keep up with coursework due to COVID-19 exposure?
Please notify your instructors and complete the COVID-19 Modification or Support Request Form for follow up by the appropriate campus support office.

Should faculty and classmates automatically quarantine if a student in their in-person class tests positive for COVID-19?
The University has prepared classrooms to allow for social distancing. Additionally, face coverings are required in-class. If students and faculty were following appropriate procedures in class, most if not all of those in the class would NOT be considered a one-on-one contact, and class would continue in-person.

Once a student is diagnosed, UWF contact trackers will identify and contact those who had one-on-one contact.

Faculty and students should never identify someone in their class that tested positive to any other person.

What should I do if I’m told to isolate and I live on-campus?
If directed to isolate, students may return to their permanent residence and notify Housing and Residence Life will provide isolation rooms and be available to assist those who choose to stay on campus.

For students with dining plans, a Food Pack (equivalent of 3 meals) will be delivered each afternoon at 5 p.m. Those without dining plans will have the ability to purchase a 50-block meal plan or utilize food available. Other options include having friends deliver food or utilize delivery. If the 50-block meal plan is purchased, it will be delivered daily by Housing and Residence Life.

Residence Life staff will host a daily “phone check-in” to students in isolation and will be available on-call.

Any students who live off campus and need to isolate should do so at their primary residences. University Housing isolation rooms are for on-campus residents only.

What other support is available to me during isolation or quarantine?
UWF Counseling and Psychological Services will provide support for students in isolation or quarantine through an optional virtual Isolation/Quarantine Drop-In Peer Support Space, as well as virtual appointments.

If you need assistance with any medical or health issue, visit the Student Health Services webpage or call at 850.474.2172.

For more information or to read the Fall 2020 Returning to UWF plan in its entirety, visit