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Florida Board of Governors approves $3.75 million in UWF STEM funding

The Florida Board of Governors approved $3.75 million in funding at their Board meeting last week to the University of West Florida (UWF) to support Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Information Technology Performance Funding, under funding created by Florida legislature.

This $15 million funding program awards 25 percent of $15 million to the top four ranked state universities. UWF was ranked third among the 11 Florida State Universities. The other universities in the top four include Florida International University, University of Central Florida and the University of Florida.

The ranking criteria was based in part on the number of employed graduates in five program areas: computer and information science; computer engineering; information systems technology; information technology; and management information. Other factors included the number of graduates who earn industry certifications and participate in internships, and the university’s partnerships with industries.

UWF plans to utilize these funds to support the university’s retention efforts and increase technology degree-based graduates, in addition to helping expand Florida’s national position in the technology employment and business climate.

The university strives to enhance collaborations with business and industry partnerships in the information technology field, while promoting and assisting students in obtaining industry certifications. These funds also assist the university in hiring faculty, obtaining equipment and investing in advanced software.

All recipients are required to report to the State Board of Trustees (BOT) on funds allocated to each program area. Each university must re-apply every year to receive further funds and again be ranked against all State University System (SUS) institutions.