Communal Spirit Contributes to Pensacon’s Popularity, Success

Study shows that the lure of the three-day pop culture convention lies as much with its sense of community as it does with its commodity.

Study: Betting On Preseason Games? Back the Underdogs

Research conducted by a pair of UWF business professors found that bettors seeking consistent returns during the upcoming NBA preseason might want to fight the urge to back the favorite.

Economic Report: Fed Delay Interest Rate Hike Again

Despite expectations that they would raise interest rates, the Federal Reserve held rates once again this week.

Addressing Infant Mortality Starts with Reducing Preterm Births

Compared to other developed nations, the United States ranked 27th in infant mortality in 2013 and 12th in 1960.

Economic Report: Household Incomes Rise; Fewer Families Live in Poverty

In 2015, household income grew at the fastest rate on record, the poverty rate fell faster than at any point since 1968, and the uninsured rate continued to fall.

Economic Report: Pensacola Residents Have Reasons to Be Optimistic About Economy

While perceptions have changed, the reality is that the area is still poised for growth.

Pensacola Area Sees Fewer Business ‘Births’ During Latest Recovery

Historical data shows us Santa Rosa County has fared better than Escambia County during periods of economic recovery.

Economic Report: New Study Finds Little Confidence in Fed’s Long Range Plans

Dr. Rick Harper talks about the Fed’s data-driven strategies when it comes to their strategic plan and decision to raise interest rates.

UWF Haas Center to Study Voting Process in Escambia County

The study will assess the ease and efficiency of the voting process and the voters’ knowledge of voting options, locations and other general election information.

Time Management, Other Tools Help Freshmen Make Smooth Transition from High School to College, Experts Say

Overcoming the challenge can present difficulty, and expectations in college classes can be overwhelming.

Economic Report: Housing Starts Rise in July

U.S. housing starts jumped 2.1 percent in July, far exceeding projections. In this week’s “Economic Report,” Dr. Rick Harper talks about what the most recent housing numbers mean for the gross domestic product outlook.

Some of UWF’s Most Popular Degree Programs Also Most Lucrative

Each of the top 25 degree programs at the University of West Florida is ranked by its graduates’ annualized wages and the percent of them employed full time within the state.