Campus Life

UWF welcomes largest freshman class in school history

The University of West Florida welcomed its largest incoming freshman class on Move-In Day Aug. 17. This year, 1,500 new students were accepted to UWF, a 17 percent increase over last year’s freshman class of 1,250.

Outside of the university’s freshman dormitory, Martin Hall, students were lined up by the dozens, eager to sign in and begin the moving process. Currently, 1,865 students live in one of the university’s seven dorms.

“I just love my dorm,” said Blaine Hoskins, a maritime studies major. “I’m looking forward to starting classes. I love that the campus is nature-friendly, and I especially love that it’s so close to the beach.”

Music was loud and school spirit was in abundance as fraternities and sororities assisted the incoming students with moving duties and check-in tasks. The day was hot but there was excitement in the air as students hurried to their rooms, parents in tow with their belongings.

“The campus is easy to navigate and it’s absolutely beautiful,” said Leigh Hoskins, Blaine’s mother. “I think she’ll enjoy it.”

When asked what he liked most about the campus, Eric Miller said that he loved the small-school feel.

“Other universities are so large that you don’t feel any connection to anyone,” said Miller. “Here, I know students and the teachers, and they know me.”

Additional sections of courses have been added and new faculty hired to ensure UWF maintains its signature one-on-one relationship between teacher and student.

Many students remarked that they were excited to begin an authentic college experience by living on campus and meeting new people, as well as learning new things. Many were born and raised in the local area, though some came from as far away as south Florida and other states.

“It’s easy to get to know a lot of people here, and I’m excited to start that new experience,” said Tiffany Aviola, a psychology major.

Classes begin Monday, Aug. 22.