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UWF student interns with District Department of the Environment

While many of his peers were getting ready to hit the beach, University of West Florida Legal Studies major Alex Krivosheyev was waiting at the metro station, preparing for a day of investigating, reviewing and assisting professionals, getting a real-world glimpse of his future career opportunities. Krivosheyev always made sure to be on time for his 7:30 a.m. train that took him to another day experiencing the fast-paced and demanding responsibilities of his summer internship with the District Department of the Environment (DDOE) in Washington, D.C.

“Working in the legal field is very demanding,” said Krivosheyev. “I frequently worked 50 to 60 hours per week.”

Feeling well-prepared for any internship experience, Krivosheyev jumped at the opportunity to work when UWF alum Kimberly Katzenburger, deputy general counsel for the DDOE, invited him to intern with the agency. With the help of Susan Harrell, associate professor of Legal Studies, Krivosheyev was able to make the experience a reality.

“At UWF, you can really get to know the faculty and they are really willing to go the extra mile to help you reach your goals and pursue your interests,” said Krivosheyev. “The Legal Studies department provided me with the experience, knowledge, motivation and professional connections to help me reach my goals. The faculty at UWF have taught me how to think critically and independently, which is the most important skill for legal professionals.”

Hoping to learn as much as he could about environmental law and policy during his internship, Krivosheyev had the opportunity to draft environmental regulations, investigate environmental accounting fraud and even assist with settlement agreements against multibillion-dollar oil companies.

“My biggest challenge was learning investigative techniques,” said Krivosheyev. “Overall, I was well-prepared and I was ready to do what was necessary to succeed in the agency. The professional contacts and friends that I established in Washington were by far the biggest reward.”

His other responsibilities included conducting legal research, drafting environmental policy and agency operating procedure, managing case progression, reviewing case files and assisting in investigations. Throughout his daily roles, he was grateful to get advice and work alongside a UWF alumna.

“Working with UWF alumni was fantastic,” said Krivosheyev. “The university is known across the country and UWF alumni are extremely respected individuals in the legal field.”

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By Megan Tyson, University Marketing Communications