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UWF student accepted to top-ranked graduate chemistry programs

Jamie Trindell, a senior chemistry major at the University of West Florida, was recently accepted to both the University of Texas-Austin and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, two of the top-ranked graduate chemistry programs in the country, according to the U.S. News & World Report.

Trindell credits her unique experience at UWF for giving her the skills needed to succeed on a graduate level.

“I owe much of my success to my professors for giving me the hands-on research experience I needed to stand out on my graduate school applications,” she said. “At UWF, I have been able to work directly with my professors in the lab, learning how to use the equipment and analyze my results. I haven’t seen another university provide the same level of research opportunities or personalized attention for its undergraduate students.”

Trindell has excelled in her chemistry studies at UWF, serving as the vice president of the Chemistry Club and participating in the UWF Chemistry Scholars Program. She will be presenting an abstract of her research at the American Chemical Society’s Spring National Meeting and Exposition in Dallas this month.

Additionally, this summer she will participate in the Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship at the National Energy Technology Laboratory in Pittsburgh, where she will work with researchers on projects that center on understanding and controlling the electronic structure, optical properties and reactivity of metal nanoparticle systems.

Trindell said the faculty support of student success has made her time at UWF even more memorable.

“All of the chemistry professors have personally congratulated me on getting into the University of Texas and UNC,” she said. “They have been dedicated to seeing me do well in the future, after I leave UWF, and they’re genuinely excited for me as I start my next chapter.”

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