Campus Life

UWF Rite of Passage Series to feature Drs. Diane Scott and Susan Jans-Thomas

The University of West Florida will honor Drs. Diane Scott and Susan Jans-Thomas at the UWF Rite of Passage Lecture Series event on Friday, Dec. 5 at 2 p.m. at the Argonaut Athletic Club.

UWF Rite of Passage is a distinguished lecture series celebrating UWF faculty who were recently promoted to full professor. The series gives professors the opportunity to share life lessons outside of the classroom with colleagues, students, friends and community members.

Scott, professor of social work, will present a lecture titled, “Yes, I Can Fly That Helicopter!” Scott’s research interests are congruent to her professional social work practice with military populations, domestic violence and program evaluation. She previously worked as a social worker while she was moving around the world with her active-duty military husband, Rick. In addition to being a faculty member at UWF since 1999, Scott is currently serving her third term as an elected member of the Santa Rosa County School Board.

Jans-Thomas, professor of research and advanced studies, will present a lecture titled, “Trust the Process, When in Doubt Don’t, and It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask.” Jans-Thomas is also the coordinator of the Diversity Studies Doctoral Program and director of the Civil Rights Research Lab. She is currently an editor for the Journal of Research and Advanced Studies and the Journal of Intercultural Disciplines. Jans-Thomas conducts site-based, photographic, historical research throughout the Southeast on aspects of the civil rights era, race relations, African-American cemeteries, voters’ rights, poverty and tobacco. She is a recipient of grants for Holocaust studies, civil rights research, instructional assessment, self-esteem development and cell phone behaviors.

A reception will immediately follow the lecture. The event is free and open to the public.