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UWF recognizes campus and community partners at equity, diversity and inclusion awards

The University of West Florida Office of Equity and Diversity recently hosted the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Awards Ceremony to recognize those who have shown commitment in support of diversity, inclusion and global engagement on the UWF campus and to the Pensacola community.

“The EDI awards are only a small thank you for the big work our campus and community members provide UWF,” said Karen Rentz, executive director for the Office of Equity and Diversity. “It is wonderful to see the large number of students, faculty and staff who contribute to the University’s diversity and inclusion efforts.”

The following people were named recipients of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Awards:

–International Programs – Dr. Rashmi Sharma

–Intensive English Program – Jennifer Knutson

–Jing Liang

–Japan Center/Japan House – Angie Pinglo Briceno

–Office of Student Retention Initiatives – Peyton Lipscomb

–Office of Equity and Diversity – Jhonny Denis

President’s Award for Leadership in Diversity (Faculty) – Dr. Susan Walch

President’s Award for Leadership in Diversity (Staff) – Grace McCaffery

President’s Award for Leadership in Diversity (Student) – Basil Kuloba

Friends of Diversity (UWF Department) – Innovation Institute

Friends of Diversity (Community organization) – Epps Christian Center

Friends of Diversity (Individual) – LaBratta Epting

Additionally, departmental awards were presented to individuals who contribute to the University’s diversity and inclusion goals. The following people were recognized at the event:

International Programs

UWF Global Quarter Leadership Award – Kenneth King

Intensive English Program

Outstanding IEP Alumni – Antonella Garcia Murillo

Japan Center
Japan Center Cultural Ambassador – Jamie Willett

UWF Men’s Empowerment Network (MEN)
Character Award – Pernell Beals

TRiO Student Support Services
Top GPA Award – Jordan Anderson, Isaac Clary
Outstanding Accomplishment Award – Abraham Sculley

Sculley was awarded the Outstanding Accomplishment Award because of his commitment to the TRiO Program, positive attitude and founding of Speak to Inspire, a mental health initiative that encourages participants to use their personal struggles to inspire others.

“I work so hard in the community that I’m never focused on winning an award, so it means a lot to be recognized,” said Sculley, a junior majoring in psychology.

Cross-Cultural Competency Certificates were also awarded to 45 faculty and staff who completed the program during the 2017-2018 academic year. Participants must complete the core course plus five additional courses for a total of 12 hours of training. More than 170 employees have received their certification since the courses launched in 2016.

Graduates from International Programs, Intensive English Program, UWF Men’s Empowerment Network and TriO Programs were also recognized at the EDI Awards.

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