Campus Life

UWF Notice: Hoverboard and Electronic Equipment

Effective immediately, the possession, use, or storage of electronic equipment such as Hoverboards, Swagways, IO Hawks, Skywalkers and any similar devices is prohibited anywhere on the University of West Florida Pensacola Campus, including in residence halls and apartments. This applies to all members of the campus community, and has been enacted to mitigate potential on-campus safety hazards.

This change comes in light of safety concerns associated with Hoverboards that have been raised by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The health and safety concerns with the devices is that their batteries can burst into flames– especially while being charged– resulting in a metal fire that can burn with intense heat.

To date, a number of colleges and universities, government entities, shipping companies, airlines, etc. have banned these devices. This decision will be in effect until industry safety standards for them can be developed and implemented.

As always, the safety of UWF students, faculty and staff is the University’s top priority. Failure to comply with this administrative decision may result in disciplinary action, including referral to the Dean of Students office for consideration of charges under the Student Code of Conduct. Thank you for your attention to this matter.