Campus Life

UWF launches new public awareness campaign

The University of West Florida launched a new public awareness campaign this month to publicize its impact on its students, alumni, community and region. Look for billboards throughout Santa Rosa and Escambia counties, print ads and the campaign Web site during July and August.

UWF high impact facts include the number of UWF alumni in Northwest Florida-30,300; the millions of dollars of scholarship support the university awards students-$11.2 million; the number of hours students volunteer in the community-60,000; the thousands of science degrees UWF has awarded-16,758; and the millions of dollars in sponsored research-$44 million.

‘These numbers represent the value that the university offers to its students, faculty, staff, alumni and community,’ said President Judith Bense. ‘As Northwest Florida’s only state-funded public university, UWF is committed to serving our region and providing the opportunity to create a better future.’

In addition to bettering the lives of its students and alumni, UWF is also deeply committed to being a good neighbor to surrounding communities by helping to solve problems through research, special projects and volunteerism. Whether it is helping to remediate the coastal impact of the BP oil spill, providing resources for local schools or supplying volunteers to organizations in need, UWF is offering solutions, elevating communities and expanding opportunities for Northwest Florida. To learn more about the UWF Public Awareness Campaign, visit