Campus Life

UWF Homecoming “definitely a success”

About 2,500 people attended the Homecoming festivities at the University of West Florida, including the Ludacris concert on Oct. 14.

“The Ludacris concert was definitely the highlight of the week,” said Joy Tompkins, the program director. “Ludacris and DJ Unk both put on great shows and everyone that attended the show enjoyed themselves.”

Homecoming 2010’s theme was “Waking Up in Vegas…All Bets are On!” The events initiated new students into on-campus activities, and set the bar for school spirit and student life.

UWF won their homecoming soccer games against the University of Alabama – Huntsville on Oct. 15.

Five judges were chosen from UWF’s faculty and staff to help decide Mr. and Ms. UWF. Points were awarded based on GPA, campus/community involvement and their nomination letter. Out of the 14 people who applied for the title, Joshua Englund and Ashley Burton won this year’s Mr. and Ms. UWF, respectively. They were announced after the Homecoming Dance Oct. 16.

“The Homecoming celebration this year was definitely a success,” said Tompkins. “We have received great responses from the community and the student body about how they enjoyed the the events.”

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