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UWF Historic Trust and Polimbatree to host performance of African art, poetry, dance and song

The University of West Florida Historic Trust and Polimbatree will host “Griots Comin!” a celebration of African art, poetry, dance and song at Voices of Pensacola tomorrow from 7-9 p.m. The performance will showcase traditional Afrocentric art and music as well as provide a debut for the Polimbatree presentation at the Florida Folk Festival held May 25-27 at the Stephen Foster Folk Culture State Park in White Springs, Florida.

The event will utilize traditional African musical instruments like the kora, akonting, ballaphone, mbira and djembe to give an uncommon dimension and distinctly Afrocentric flavor to poetry, dance and song. The performance will feature talented performers like classically trained pianist and vocalist Angie West, poet and author Abena Isake and poet, musician and producer of the Griots Comin CD Lepoleon Williams. Theola Bright, radio personality, recording artist and fashion designer, will highlight colorful African fashions.

A griot or jali is a West African historian, storyteller, praise singer, poet and/or musician. The griot served as a repository of oral tradition and was often seen as a societal leader due to his or her traditional position as an advisor to royal personages.

Voices of Pensacola, located at 115 East Government St., highlights Pensacola’s multicultural history as well as provides community groups the opportunity to utilize the space for programs and performances.

For more information, contact UWF Historic Trust Director of Education Sheyna Marcey at 850.595.5985 ext. 105 or visit historicpensacola.org.