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UWF excels in metrics measuring high-impact practices, retention and median wages of graduates in Board of Governors’ performance metrics

The University of West Florida excelled in many key areas in the Florida Board of Governors’ 2022-23 performance-based funding model, highlighting UWF’s commitment to quality education and preparing students for high-wage jobs upon graduation.

UWF earned high marks in metrics measuring median wages upon graduation, high-impact practices and retention in a state that is ranked No.1 in the country for higher education.

“UWF is producing high-quality graduates who are ready to fill the talent pipeline for employers in our state,” said UWF President Martha D. Saunders. “Our students learn from world-class faculty and participate in high-impact practices that distinguish them when their resumes get in front of prospective employers.”

UWF earned a perfect 10 excellence points in Metric 10 which measures the percentage of baccalaureate graduates completing two or more types of high-impact practices, such as internships or undergraduate research. The University increased by more than 11 percentage points last year, jumping from 47.5% to 58.6%. UWF provides students with various HIPs inside and outside of the classroom that build early professional experience and encourage networking. 

Results of the performance metrics showed graduates of UWF earned a median wage of $48,800 in 2020-21, an increase of more than $3,000 since last year’s metrics. Metric 2 measures median wages of bachelor‘s degree-earning graduates employed full-time one year after graduation. UWF graduates’ median salary is higher than almost all public universities in the state, trailing only the University of Florida and Florida Polytechnic University. Median wages of UWF graduates have improved every year for the last five years. 

UWF also achieved its highest academic progress rate in University history. Metric 5 measures the second-year retention rate with a GPA above 2.0. UWF’s progress rate improved by 2.7 percentage points, totaling 83.5%.

“The low cost of tuition, quality education and personalized support that students receive at UWF continue to make the University a great return on investment,” said Dr. Gary Liguori, provost and senior vice president. “These metrics reflect UWF’s laser focus on academic excellence and the outstanding performance of our students, faculty and staff.”

UWF earned a total of 82 points out of 100 on the Board’s performance-based funding model results, four points higher than the institution’s score last year. 

Under the performance-based funding model, the Board of Governors scores each of Florida’s 12 public universities based on 11 metrics designed to incentivize university excellence and improvement. These metrics establish a minimum acceptable level of performance on issues such as graduation and retention rates.

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