Campus Life

UWF BEI issues solicitations for Electric Vehicle Pilot Program

University of West Florida Business Enterprises, Inc. and the UWF Board of Trustees have issued an Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) for the Electric Vehicle Pilot Program. The deadline for submissions is Oct. 4 at 2 p.m.

The Electric Vehicle Pilot Program would create a fleet of all-electric cars that could be used by students as a cost-saving alternative to bringing personal cars on campus. The car-sharing concept would help open up additional parking spaces using green technology.

The competitive solicitation consists of: a fleet of 50-100 electric vehicles to be made available exclusively to UWF students; rapid EV wireless charging units to accommodate the fleet size; an energy storage system for the electric vehicles supported by a solar array; infrastructure to connect and support the program; management of the program; and complete financing and insurance for all components of the program.

UWF BEI’s vision for the program is that the energy produced by the solar array, combined with multiple applied research opportunities with the electric vehicles and the charging technologies, would offer grant or financing options to offset the costs of its design, construction, implementation and management for the initial period of performance.