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UWF and PSC enhance transfer pathway with 2+2 articulation agreement at signing ceremony

The University of West Florida and Pensacola State College celebrated the launch of a new “2+2” articulation agreement with a signing ceremony on April 7 at the PSC campus.

Photo: UWF President Martha D. Saunder and PSC President Ed Meadows at the “2+2” articulation agreement signing ceremony on Thursday, April 7, 2022 at the PSC campus

In an ongoing effort to expand opportunities for transfer students, UWF and PSC created the agreement which guarantees admission to UWF from PSC with an Associate’s in Arts degree for transfer into a UWF Bachelor of Arts degree or Bachelor of Science degree with degree program maps.

“We take pride in our academic partnership with PSC and we are constantly seeking new, innovative ways to strengthen it,” said UWF President Martha D. Saunders. “This articulation provides a clear pathway for every major and opens the door for many students in the area to obtain a degree from one of UWF’s robust, highly ranked programs.”

UWF and PSC faculty and administration collaborated over several months on the development of 61 degree program maps for each academic program at UWF. Degree program maps detail courses that a student would take for their first two years at PSC, and upperclassmen courses they would take after transferring to UWF. The maps ensure PSC students are taking the appropriate pre-requisites for their intended major at UWF to provide a timely graduation after transferring to UWF.

PSC President Ed Meadows said he was pleased to enter into the articulation agreement to better serve students.

“Pensacola State and the University of West Florida have had, for many years, cooperative agreements that help students complete programs of study in our local community,” Meadows said. “This articulation agreement further strengthens our efforts to ensure not only transfer but also degree attainment at both PSC and UWF. PSC is committed to student success through our efforts to collaborate with UWF on advisement, transfer and completion of students attending both institutions.”

UWF and PSC also partner to offer smoother transitions from PSC bachelor’s programs to UWF’s graduate programs. UWF and PSC recently collaborated on a Bachelor of Applied Science to Master of Business Administration articulation agreement which will allow PSC students who have earned a Dr. Marjan Mazza Bachelor of Applied Science, Business and Management degree to enter the University’s MBA program. This is one specific example of bachelor’s to graduate level articulation between the two institutions.

UWF and PSC have a longstanding history of collaboration to improve and increase higher education accessibility in Northwest Florida, allowing the community to retain students. The PSC2UWF program allows students to make the seamless transition to UWF through an enhanced pathway program that PSC students enroll in during their first semester at PSC. Students receive enhanced advising and support from a UWF transfer pathways coach as well as several UWF student benefits. In addition, the institutions work together to create a pathway from an associate degree all the way to earning a master’s degree from UWF. More than 40% of all UWF transfer students are from PSC.

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