Campus Life

Supporting our International Community

In light of the recent modifications made by the Student Exchange and Visitor Program regarding online courses and international students, we have reviewed our revised Fall 2020 semester course delivery methods. As our plan for fall includes face-to-face, hybrid and remote courses, we are positioned well to meet the face-to-face instruction requirements.

We are actively engaging with colleges and departments to ensure course offerings meet these enrollment requirements.

We are committed to supporting the return of international students to UWF. International students add to the vibrancy of the Northwest Florida community and the health of its economy, as well as to the educational and research advancements that move our world forward.

Updated information on the new guidance can be found on the Fall 2020 COVID Enrollment Guidance for UWF International Students webpage.

International students with additional questions should contact their academic advisor for any assistance with course schedules.

We will continue analyzing the full implications of these changes and identify resources and support for our students through these challenging times.