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Photographer thanks UWF for encouraging her passion

UWF alumna April Montgomery will be the first to tell you that majoring in photography is not easy. Jobs are competitive, and everyone thinks they can be a photographer. But with the education she received at UWF and encouragement from faculty, Montgomery succeeded and is now telling her story through film.

She graduated in 1993 with a degree in art education and is now an art teacher for kindergarten through 12th grade, but still finds time to actively work with her passion.

Recently, she hosted an art show called Home in Colorado. She took the collection of images over the course of two years at her grandmother’s home. She has been invited back to do an art exhibit in 2014 based on extraordinary women in Colorado.

“I was drawn to photography immediately,” said Montgomery. “The faculty at UWF really strengthened my desire for the craft and helped hone my strengths.”

“I love helping people discover their confidence,” said Montgomery. “People are very vulnerable when being photographed, and I love witnessing that transition from being shy to being pleasantly surprised by the finished product. It’s about telling a story.”

To see some of Montgomery’s work, visit

Below are some of Montgomery’s photos, along with the video of her exhibit.