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These three “Guys” are triplets

There are guys and there are "Guys" on the UWF campus.

There are guys and there are “Guys” on the UWF campus.

Say hello to Maria, who likes to be called Mary. She’s majoring in pre-professional biology. Carolyn, who goes by Micki, is a psychology major. And Lora, who some call Toni, but she prefers Lora, is studying exercise science.

Their first names might be confusing, but their last names are easy – Guy. They are the 20-year-old triplet daughters of Kathi and Mike Guy. Mike Guy was a vocational rehabilitation counselor at UWF before retiring last spring.

Multiples run in their family. They have an aunt and uncle who are twins and their grandmother is a twin. And their half brother had a twin sister, who passed away.  As a child, Lora said she thought every family had twins or triplets. “It’s embarrassing, but it’s true. I thought my dad was a twin with our Aunt Carol. You know how when you are little and you think everyone’s family is supposed to be like yours? I thought it was a requirement or something.”

What is something you all have in common? Mary: Micki and I both enjoy watching ghost documentaries and scary movies together. Also, we are both more independent. Toni and I both have the same clothing style. We also enjoy going to the beach, tanning and doing athletic activities. Micki: Lora and I are more laid back than Mary. Unlike my sister Mary, Lora and I cannot (and I will not) dance. Neither Mary nor I will sing. My sister Lora informs me that Mary and I are both stubborn. We are all very short in stature.  Lora: We all have obsession with good grades. Mine are good, 3.5 GPA, but Micki and Mary are kind of crazy with it, having 4.0’s practically, but crazy in a very good way.

What is something you do not have in common? Mary: I am the only natural blonde. I’ve danced ballet, jazz and tap since I was 3 years old. I was a company member of Northwest Florida Ballet from 7th to the 11th grade. I was a varsity cheerleader for Pensacola Catholic High School. I am the only sibling who enjoys several varieties of dancing — everything from ballet, jazz, tap, ballroom, Latin and swing dancing. Micki: My clothing style is very different. Our tastes in music differs greatly as well: Lora is more into folk music and slower music, Mary is more into hip hop; although we all tend to like some rock music, I enjoy the heaver stuff: shock rock, hard rock, and metal; classic rock is cool with me, too; I also like listening to Buddhist monks chanting, and neither of my sisters like that. My sisters also agree that I am the more eccentric triplet. Lora: I?m into piercings and tattoos and my sisters are not. I have an eyebrow ring, nose ring, belly ring, two tattoos and that’s it. I will take them out whenever I need to be professional because that is important to me; work and school are my priorities.

What are your career plans?  Mary: After graduating, I want to attend the University of Florida or the University of South Alabama to become a physician’s assistant. Micki: I?m thinking about graduate school. I have been entertaining the idea of following in my father’s footsteps and doing something in vocational rehabilitation. Since I am also into drawing, I’d probably do some art work on the side. Lora:  I’m hoping for a career in the medicine, physical therapy or occupational therapy. I ran  cross-country throughout high school and had to get physical therapy for running injuries, that?s when I first became interested in it.

“At UWF, I love…” Mary: How UWF is just 10 minutes away from my home. I also love how all the students and teachers are warm, friendly and helpful. Carolyn: That UWF has small classes. I know people hear this a lot, but I feel that I get more out of a class that is smaller. The teachers know who you are and they are easier to talk to that way.  Lora: The campus! Great trails for running, beautiful scenery, the way the architects did the school in general, not just the nature. I love that you always see people around just chillin, even lying on the grass on a sunny day is extremely common, and I love that.

Written by Susie Forrester, University Marketing Communications