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UWF Notice: Ebola Virus Monitoring and Precautions

The University of West Florida continues to closely monitor the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and the effect it is having here in the U.S.

There continues to be a Level III travel warning in place recommending people avoid non-essential travel to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Currently, a Level II travel alert is in place encouraging enhanced precautions for travel to Democratic Republic of the Congo. A Level I travel watch recommending the practice of usual precautions is in place for travel to Nigeria.

The University’s International Student Office does not allow students to travel to areas that are within travel warning proximity. At this time, no students from UWF are traveling to West Africa or are located in an area under the travel warning.

Students who have recently traveled to one of these areas or have possibly been exposed to a person who has been diagnosed with Ebola should contact UWF Student Health Services at 850.474.2172 and faculty and staff should contact the local hospital emergency room. Even if you do not have symptoms, a doctor should evaluate your exposure and consult with public health authorities to determine if further action is needed.

Please note, transmission of Ebola virus is not airborne and requires close contact with an infected person who is showing symptoms or with an infected person’s body fluids. Visit the CDC Travel Health Notices webpage at for the most up-to-date guidance and recommendations for each country, including information about health screening of incoming and outgoing travelers and restrictions on travel within countries.

To learn more about Ebola and other infectious diseases, please visit the CDC website at

For additional information, please visit