UWF Adjunct History Instructor Explores Lincoln’s Home Life in New Book

Alan Manning grew up loving history, which he learned first-hand from his grandfather who used to regale him with stories of World War I.

Research, Development of New Projects Involves Inevitable Setbacks

Thomas Asmuth’s project uses remotely operated submersibles to collect data and images of the turbidity of water.

UWF Team Searches for More Artifacts from Luna Fleet

The archaeological team is searching on land for artifacts from Luna’s settlement that inhabited what is now Pensacola from 1559 to 1561.

Cellphone Conversations Cause Major Distraction in Car

In a study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 69 percent of U.S. drivers reported that they talk on a cell phone while driving.

UWF Design Student to Audition for ‘America’s Greatest Makers’

Kittell, a University of West Florida senior majoring in graphic design, created a black shirt embedded with rainbow colored LED lights.

UWF Violinist Practices Craft for Hours Each Day

Price, a music performance major in his senior year at UWF, has been playing the violin since he was 9 years old. He plays violin in the University of West Florida Runge String Orchestra.

Artist Creates Sculpture with Parts that Move

Jerry Patterson creates kinetic sculptural installations using wood, metal, glass and copper. The 63-year-old, who will graduate after completing one more class, is a retired Navy master chief.

Engage Children to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Without the bell-to-bell school schedule, days fill up with fun and leisure for students on vacation.

University of West Florida graduate research assistant Jennifer Knutson tells the story of Campbell Town - Huguenot.

UWF Grad Student Searches for Lost Huguenot Settlement

While stories fill history books about immigrants who came to Colonial America and thrived, not as much is known about those who didn’t succeed.

User showing the newest version of the Next History Exit mobile app.

Next Exit History App Gets Visual Upgrade

History can’t be changed. But, Next Exit History, an app that catalogs important moments in time around the world is changing for the better through a new upgrade.

The area around Hawkshaw Lagoon where a walking maritime trail is planned along the water front

Historians, Archaeologists Plan Maritime Heritage Trail for Pensacola

The “Pensacola Maritime Heritage Trail” is the brainchild of Dr. Amy Mitchell-Cook, chair of the Department of History at the University of West Florida, and Dr. Della Scott-Ireton, associate director of the Florida Public Archaeology Network.

Dr. Brian Hood speaks from the Department of Philosophy lectures about “The Assumptions Our Models Betray” during UWF's Data Dialogues lecture series.

Dr. Brian Hood Delves Into Psychiatry’s Philosophical Underpinnings

Dr. Brian Hood is the program director and associate professor of Philosophy at the University of West Florida. He teaches philosophy of science, epistemology, and logic. He recently gave a talk titled “The Assumptions Our Models Betray” as part of the University’s Data Dialogues Lecture Series.