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UWF Innovation Institute and Florida Virtual Campus surpass major milestone with MyCareerShines

More than 200,000 Sunshine State students are planning their future on MyCareerShines, Florida’s comprehensive education and career planning system administered by the University of West Florida Innovation Institute. The system is powered by a suite of age-appropriate online tools that allow students to develop a personalized education plan that connects interests and skills to careers and jobs. MyCareerShines is free for all Florida students from middle school through college and beyond.

“MyCareerShines is helping students plan for the future,” said Dr. Karen Rasmussen, assistant provost and chief academic strategist at the UWF Innovation Institute. “Whether it is college, training or straight into the workforce, MyCareerShines gives students all the information and tools to succeed.”

MyCareerShines currently offers two online tools developed by Kuder Inc., an internationally recognized career guidance services provider specializing in research-based career assessments. Students in middle and high school can use Kuder Navigator® to develop an education plan that prepares them for college and a rewarding career after graduation. College students can use Kuder Journey® to develop a plan to pursue and land their dream job.

“When students have a plan, they are more likely to stay on track, on time and on budget for earning their degree,” Rasmussen said. “MyCareerShines helps them make that plan, starting as early as sixth grade.”

Students can build a plan by going through the step-by-step process or they can access features in the system that meet their immediate needs. The system allows students to assess their interests and skills, explore the extensive catalog of careers, learn about the education requirements for their top job choices, make a plan for school, create resumes, prepare for interviews and find jobs.

MyCareerShines is fully funded by the Florida Legislature, which has made it a priority to prepare Floridians with the knowledge, skills and tools to succeed in school and the increasingly competitive global economy. The system is being implemented and managed by the UWF Innovation Institute, which also manages Florida’s Student Hub of Innovative Educational Services – FloridaShines, for short.

Learn more about MyCareerShines at floridashines.org.