Internal News

University of West Florida and Pensacola State College host signing ceremony for new partnership

Today, the University of West Florida and Pensacola State College signed a Memorandum of Agreement entitled “Pre-Admission Cooperation and Special Admissions Process.” This partnership admits select students from PSC’s Bachelor of Applied Science Program who show evidence of high academic ability and seek a challenging and engaging graduate experience into the UWF Master of Business Administration or Master of Science in Administration, Health Care Administration Track.

“We share a common goal in our mission to serve students and advance higher education in Northwest Florida,” said UWF President Judy Bense. “This agreement will be instrumental in allowing us to continue creating a smooth a transition for PSC graduates to UWF programs.”

The partnership will reduce the time to earning a master’s degree by guiding students in appropriate undergraduate course selection and through the master’s degree admissions process while better preparing them for a successful UWF experience.

“Since we entered into the PSC-to-UWF-direct-admit articulation agreement for undergraduate degrees, it is only appropriate that we also ensure a smooth transition for our bachelor degree graduates who seek post-graduate degree programs at UWF,” said PSC President Ed Meadows. “I am sure this will further demonstrate the value of PSC and UWF to our community and region.”