University of West Florida and Pensacola State College create new partnership, enhance PSC2UWF MBA Articulation

University of West Florida President Martha D. Saunders and Pensacola State College President Ed Meadows announced a new partnership to enhance the PSC2UWF MBA articulation agreement on Nov. 3 at PSC.

The agreement provides access to UWF’s John C. Pace Library resources for students enrolled in PSC’s newly created business climate analysis course, which will first be offered in January 2023. This is an enhancement of the existing BAS to MBA agreement which established a special admissions process to expedite admission of students graduating from PSC with a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Business Management into the Master of Business Administration program at UWF.

“UWF is here to help students every step of the way, and this partnership with a sister institution is a great example of that,” Saunders said. “Our goal is to retain PSC’s students, provide them with a high-impact, student-centered education and have them enter the job market ready to work.” 

Students in PSC’s business climate analysis course will be eligible to obtain a UWF Nautilus Card, which will provide full access to the University’s John C. Pace Library for research efforts and other student benefits including recreation and dining facilities. At least two sessions during the course will take place at UWF. 

“This latest collaboration allows PSC juniors and seniors in our bachelor’s degree Business and Management program to take a specific upper-level course that transfers as the first course into the MBA Program,” said PSC President Ed Meadows. “This concept is the first of its kind in Florida higher education and is the brainchild of Gerry Goldstein who teaches in the MBA program at UWF. The benefits of this articulation agreement are critical in retaining students in the local workforce since 96% of PSC graduates continue to work and reside in the Northwest Florida region. This also allows our students the opportunity to be promoted or employed in higher-level positions because of the advanced degree from UWF.” 

UWF and PSC have a longstanding history of collaboration to improve and increase higher education accessibility in Northwest Florida, allowing the community to retain students. One such collaboration is our PSC2UWF program that allows students to make the seamless transition to UWF through the enhanced pathway program that PSC students enroll in during their first semester at PSC. Students receive enhanced advising and support from a UWF transfer pathways coach as well as several student benefits. This latest collaboration allows students in PSC’s BAS degree in Business and Management the opportunity to earn a master’s degree from UWF. More than 40% of all UWF transfer students are from PSC.

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