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The Art Gallery at UWF presents TAG Artist in Residence 2023 ‘Table 7: in the House of Partnership’

The Art Gallery at the University of West Florida presents “Table 7: in the House of Partnership” featuring alumni from the UWF Department of Art and Design: Kenneth Jordan, Christian Dinh, Josh Green and Selina McKane from Aug. 21 through Sept. 29, 2023. An opening reception will be held at TAG on Wednesday, Aug. 30 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Artwork will be on display at TAG, located in the Center for Fine and Performing Arts, Building 82, on the Pensacola campus.

“Table 7: in the House of Partnership” is a part of the Art Gallery Summer Artist Residence Series. It showcases artwork by UWF Alumni Kenneth Jordan 15, Christian Dinh 16, Josh Green ‘14 and Selina McKane 18. The residency program is designed to use the gallery as an experimental space to facilitate artistic research that promotes dialogue and collaboration with students, faculty and the local community. Artists are encouraged to use the space to critically reflect upon their practice, challenge what’s possible with scale and material, and develop the next phase in their body of work.

The title of this exhibition takes inspiration from the shared relationship of this group of friends. The Seventh House, in astrology, is referred to as the House of Partnership. In that house, one shifts away from the self toward another—a partner. By cooperating with and relating to another we unite our beliefs and values to achieve something. The table is more about a crafted purpose, a space providing for more than just oneself and breaking bread with partners in life with grace. Collaboration unites beliefs and values to achieve something greater, uniting the efforts of each of the individuals. 

Jordan is a Southern American artist and art educator from Pensacola. Since earning his BFA in 2015 from UWF, he maintains a studio practice in Pensacola. Jordan works primarily in crayon and pushes his wax medium in a new direction within the realm of contemporary realism, exploring themes related to spirituality, personal narrative, the human figure and family. 

Green is a painter and art educator living and working in NYC. His art and art education are focused on exploring consciousness through painting. Green received his BFA in Studio Painting from UWF in 2014. Green studied old master drawing, painting, and artistic anatomy at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy in 2017. Green received his MFA in Studio Painting from the Alfred-Düsseldorf Painting School at Alfred University in New York State. Green has exhibited his art in NYC, Germany, Italy, LA, and Houston. Green has founded an online school of classical painting called Green Atelier,

Born in 1992, Christian Dinh is a Vietnamese-American ceramic artist from St. Petersburg, Florida. He received his B.A. in 2016 from the UWF in Pensacola. While studying at UWF, Dinh was nominated for the International Sculpture Center’s Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award. Relocating to New Orleans in 2018, Dinh received his MFA at Tulane University. During his time at Tulane, Dinh’s work has been featured in publications such as the New York Times, Ceramic Monthly, The Times-Picayune, and Adore Magazine. 

Selina McKane is an American visual artist from West Central Alabama. She earned her BFA in studio art from the UWF in 2018. McKane has studied under both Gregory B. Saunders and Michael J. Deas, and currently lives and produces work in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her current body of work expresses vulnerability and intimacy within the human figure. McKane’s drawings have been exhibited in various exhibitions, including PHILIC /PHOBIC at the Pensacola Museum of Art, And Now For Something New at LeMieux Gallery, and 22nd Annual NO DEAD ARTISTS at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery. Additionally, her illustrations have been published in Far Flung by Dean Thomas Ellis, an anthology book of poems. 

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TAG at UWF seeks to challenge, stimulate and engage students and the greater public through direct interaction with works of contemporary art.