Original Brew by Honors Student to Be Launched Friday

Pensacola – The Kugelman Honors Program at the University of West Florida and the Redneck Riviera Brewing Project are inviting the public Friday to Goat Lips Chew & Brewhouse for the launch of a limited-run beer that is the creation of Honors student Allison Lehr.

Lehr’s original brew, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butterbeer: A Muggle’s Take on the Wizarding Classic, is an ode to the beverage that’s a favorite of fans of the Harry Potter book and film series. It was voted the best beer of the Spring 2016 Honors brewing seminar at a tasting in April. The launch party will be held 6-8 p.m. at Goat Lips at 2811 Copter Road in Pensacola.

The beer was created in the The Art and Science of Brewing, which is a very popular class among Honors students ages 21 and over.

“The Art and Science of Brewing class is one of our best Honors seminars because it combines a very interdisciplinary approach to learning with a very active learning environment,” said Dr. Greg Lanier, director of the Kugelman Honors Program. “Not only do the students learn the history and culture that lies behind brewing, they also learn about the practical side of things that comes from actually learning to brew beer as well as the even more practical side of learning how to market and sell.  We couldn’t be happier with the results.”

The Art and Science of Brewing class is taught by Dr. Jeffrey Eble, a research assistant professor with the UWF Center for Environmental Diagnostics and Bioremediation, and Joe Moss, a research associate for the CEDB. Moss said he can’t wait to see Lehr stand behind the bar Friday for the first pour of her original brew.

“She mentioned before that the Harry Potter Butterbeer was too sweet,” Moss said. “So she did a mix between a Belgian-style ale and the Harry Potter theme. It meshed quite well, which is why she won. Plus, it’s a great tasting beer, as well.”

Lehr produced the beer in collaboration with the Redneck Riviera Brewing Project, which was co-founded by UWF Honors alumni Tim Roberts and Tim Moore.