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MyCareerShines surpasses another milestone

More than 400,000 students and adults in Florida are taking hold of their futures with the help of MyCareerShines, Florida’s comprehensive education and career planning system. MyCareerShines’ online tools allow for personalized education plans to connect individual interests and skills to careers and jobs. MyCareerShines, managed by the University of West Florida Innovation Institute, is funded by the state of Florida and offered at no cost for students from middle school through college and for adults beyond.

“MyCareerShines gives students the tools to explore their education and career goals,” said Dr. Karen Rasmussen, associate vice president of academic strategies at the UWF Division of Research and Strategic Innovation. “Whether you are curious what degree program is right for you or looking for what kind of training you need to enter the workforce, MyCareerShines gives you the tools to succeed.”

MyCareerShines currently offers two online planning tools powered by Kuder Inc®, an internationally recognized career guidance services provider specializing in research-based career assessments. Navigator® allows middle and high school students the opportunity to develop an education plan that will prepare them for college and a fulfilling career after graduation. Journey® was developed for college students and adults to create a plan to pursue and land their dream job upon graduating.

“To stay on track throughout college and into a career, students need a structured plan and planning tools for success,” Rasmussen said. “MyCareerShines helps students, beginning in seventh grade, plan for the career of their dreams.”

After students receive their assessment results, which are based on their interests and skills, they can build a plan and access information that helps them meet their career goals. The system also includes workforce data about jobs, salaries and more, in the state of Florida and by workforce region. Students and adults can create resumes and cover letters, prepare for interviews and get tips on how to find, land and keep their dream job.

MyCareerShines helps prepare Floridians with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to succeed in school and workforce. To learn more visit