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MyCareerShines surpasses 500,000 student and adult users

More than 500,000 students and adults in Florida are taking hold of their futures with the help of MyCareerShines, Florida’s comprehensive online education and career planning system. MyCareerShines’ online tools allow for personalized education plans that connect individual interests and skills to careers and jobs. MyCareerShines, managed by the Florida Virtual Campus through the UWF Division of Research and Strategic Innovation, is funded by the state of Florida and offered at no cost for students from middle school through college and beyond.

“MyCareerShines is reaching new heights to better help students and adults explore their education and career goals,” said Nashla Dawahre, assistant director of advising and student services at the Florida Virtual Campus. “Whether students are curious about careers, or looking for information to help them in the job market, MyCareerShines has the tools to help students succeed when thinking about their career.”

MyCareerShines is an online planning tool with two sides: one geared towards middle and high school students, and one that meets the needs of college-age students and adults. Through interest and skills based assessments, students are matched to in-demand careers and can create a personalized education and career plan to help them reach their goals.

“Students can feel confident they are on the right track from graduation to their dream career with the planning tools MyCareerShines offers,” Dawahre said. “MyCareerShines helps students, and parents, plan for educational and career success.”

The system also includes workforce data about jobs, salaries and more in the state of Florida and by workforce region. Students can discover some of the scholarship and financial aid opportunities available to better help them plan for their futures. Tools like Finance 101 help students learn the basics of taking out a loan, how to pay for it and the different types of loans available.

MyCareerShines helps prepare Floridians with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to succeed in school and the workforce.

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