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Inaugural UWF Parent and Family Association awards programs, events

The University of West Florida Office of Family Programs and the Parent and Family Advisory Council recently hosted the inaugural Parent and Family Association Awards. As part of the awards, 10 University programs and events that promote student success, health, safety and assistance in the transition to college will receive financial support for the upcoming academic year.

“The Office of Family Programs is very excited about the commitment our UWF parents and families are making to increase programs and services for their students,” said Robin Zimmern, associate dean of students and the director of student transitions and governance. “I look forward to seeing the program grow in the future.”

The following recipients will receive financial support for 2017-18:

– Dean of Students and the Argo Pantry, which provide nutritious food items to students in need of emergency food assistance

– Student Government Association and the Department of Housing and Residence Life, which will provide Thanksgiving meals to students unable to travel home for the holiday

– Argo Camp, which is an extended orientation initiative designed to help first-time-in-college students transition to UWF and build lasting relationships with peers and staff

– Student Government Association, which will add visibility to campus safety escort program so that students will be aware of and know how to utilize the program

– Take Back the Night, a sexual violence and dating violence awareness and prevention program for UWF students to attend, hosted by Wellness Services and UWF Peer Educators

– Wellness Services and the UWF Peer Educations, which will attend the National Assembly for Peer Education program to learn about health, wellness and safety programs and outreach activities conducted at universities nationwide

– Career Services’ Anchor Down mentoring programs, which serve to instill values and skills in UWF second-year students through a variety of experiences that prepare them for fulfillment of their professional goals

– Student Disability Resource Center’s Argos for Autism, a two-day early move-in program that consists of workshops and activities for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

– Student Health Services, which will host health fairs to raise awareness of their services for students

– UWF Peer Educators for support of promotional materials that promote wellness for students

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