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FloridaShines to host Virtual College Week

FloridaShines, Florida’s student hub of innovative educational services, will host Virtual College Week Oct. 24-26. FloridaShines is managed by the Florida Virtual Campus through the UWF Division of Research and Strategic Innovation.

“FloridaShines has everything students and parents need to get ready for college,” said Nashla Dawahre, assistant director of advising and student services. “Our free, three-day event offers a wide variety of short webinars focused on a range of different subjects from college admissions to financial aid to career planning.”

Representatives from the Florida College System, State University System, Florida Department of Education and others topic experts will present during the event.

Virtual College Week is free and open to Florida high school juniors and seniors, parents and counselors. It providesinformation on preparing for college, including where to go, what degree to earn and how to pay for it without breaking the bank. In addition to the live webinars, FloridaShines will provide online resources prior to the presentations to help prepare students with additional materials, through the FloridaShines website.

Virtual College Week sessions include:

Oct. 24

2 p.m. ET: Counselors Guide to Graduation

4 p.m. ET: Advising for Academic Success

5 p.m. ET: Workforce Programs in the Florida College System

Oct. 25

3 p.m. ET: Admissions into a University

4 p.m. ET: First Things First

5 p.m. ET: Bright Futures Scholarship Qualifications

6 p.m. ET: College Athletics

Oct. 26

3 p.m. ET: The Big Transition

4 p.m. ET: Financial Aid is For You

5 p.m. ET: How to Start Smart and Finish Strong

6 p.m. ET: Survival Guide for Parents

To register or for more information, visit