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UWF lecture series with Quint Studer open to community members

Entrepreneur Quint Studer is sharing his expertise in Management 4990/5990: Innovation Within the Organization, a summer undergraduate and graduate course at the University of West Florida. The University is opening up the Studer lecture series portion of the course to community members.

The brand-new course will offer students cutting-edge insight on innovation from Studer, the UWF Center for Entrepreneurship’s entrepreneur-in-residence, and UWF entrepreneur professor Dr. Robert Perkins. Course topics will include characteristics of corporate entrepreneurship, levels of entrepreneurship in organizations, forms of corporate entrepreneurship, culture for fostering corporate entrepreneurship and organization structure and entrepreneurial action.

“I look forward to learning from many bright UWF students as well as sharing lessons learned from my own career,” said Studer, a Pensacola community volunteer and the founder of the Studer Community Institute.

The course will be from 6-9:20 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays from June 29-Aug. 11 at the UWF College of Business. Students can register for the course at

In the lecture series portion of the course, Studer will teach students and community members how to define the difference between individual and corporate entrepreneurship, describe how organizations instill a culture of change and innovation in the workplace, identify and defend key attributes of entrepreneurial organizations and apply concepts and understanding of corporate entrepreneurship to practical exercises, cases and experiences.

Community members can register for the six-session lecture series by visiting the UWF Continuing Education webpage or by calling the UWF Student Support Center at 850.473.7468. Cost for the lecture series is $199.95.