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UWF launches free online course highlighting research in the Gulf

Beginning this March, the University of West Florida’s Innovation Institute will launch the first in a series of free online courses that focus on UWF research in the Gulf of Mexico.

“This course allows us to share some of the outstanding work of our faculty with the rest of the world,” UWF President Martha Saunders said. “The Gulf of Mexico is arguably the most important body of water in the Western Hemisphere. MMO 101 provides a peek at its impact on us all.”

The series, titled “Gulf Stories,” opens with “Mother Mother Ocean” (MMO 101). This first course highlights the work of five UWF scholar researchers and touches on everything from history and archaeology to the economy to the environment.

“We’re so pleased to be able to recognize the excellent work coming out of the University and to share that work with the public,” said Dr. Pam Northrup, CEO of the Innovation Institute and vice president of research and strategic innovation. “UWF’s location offers some truly unique opportunities for students and faculty to engage in historical and archaeological research, as well as research that directly addresses environmental and economic issues.”

Mother Mother Ocean consists of five modules of roughly two hours each, for a total time commitment of about 10 hours. Course modules include: Shipwrecks, Saints & Sinners: Maritime Stories of the Gulf; Lions in the Water: The Impact of the Environment on the Gulf Economy; Putting the Pieces Together: The Puzzles of the De Luna Expedition; The Ever-Changing Face of the Gulf Shore; and The $10,000 Pen and other Effects of Logistics on the Gulf.


MMO 101 launches March 6, 2017 and is open until April 16, 2017. For more information or to register, visit