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University of West Florida and Tallahassee Community College announce new partnership

The University of West Florida and Tallahassee Community College announced a new partnership today, as the two institutions establish the TCC2UWF program. This program will provide students the opportunity to complete an associate’s degree program at TCC and transfer to UWF to complete a bachelor’s degree.

UWF President Dr. Judy Bense and TCC President Dr. Jim Murdaugh introduced the program today at a signing ceremony. TCC and UWF will share joint coordination of the program, which includes executing outreach to high school students and other members of the community in an effort to encourage them to pursue an associate’s degree through TCC, while also providing tailored, intensive advising that will place students on a path toward a bachelor’s degree from UWF.

“We are delighted to sign this partnership today with Tallahassee Community College,” Bense said. “It provides an excellent opportunity for students in this region to complete their Bachelor’s degree at a mid-size regional comprehensive University in Northwest Florida. At UWF, we can focus on providing both a high touch and quality education with personalized attention, small class sizes and a unique student experience.”

“We are excited to be able to offer students another opportunity to create a relationship with a great four-year institution that will help them plan for and attain success,” Murdaugh said.

Students enrolled at TCC will be offered admission to UWF early in their academic career in order to receive personalized and attentive transition services for a seamless transfer.

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