UWF students pose in their graduation regalia on the Pensacola campus on Apr. 21, 2021.

Opinion – Graduation Day: An Occasion for All

I do believe May is my favorite month of the year. In May, the chill of winter is permanently gone, early spring flowers have given way to the heady Deep South fragrance of gardenias and jasmine and the summer storms have yet to arrive. At UWF, the highlight of the month is graduation day when […]

UWF President Martha D. Saunders

UWF: Channeling the Legacy of the Argonauts

Recently, I was delighted to receive a visit from a community member who brought greetings from Volos, Greece. Why is that special? As it turns out, Volos proudly hails as the Home of the Argonauts – the site where the mythological hero, Jason, and friends set off for adventures in search of the Golden Fleece […]

UWF students studying

Introducing the UWF Innovation Campus Network

Stephen Hawking is often quoted as saying, “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”  Since opening our doors in 1967, UWF has not only adapted, but thrived, amid changing governance structures, economies, societal demands and even the weather.  We’ve moved from a little school in a pine forest to a forward-thinking, innovative brain trust.  […]

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