Internal News

Increased Emphasis on Diversity and Inclusion at UWF

In mid-April, two nooses were discovered on campus, prompting an aggressive response by UWF students, faculty, staff and administration. We deplore such conduct and are committed to tolerance on a diverse campus.

During the summer we worked hard to develop some new initiatives and focuses on diversity and inclusion at UWF. Here is an update on some of our initiatives and progress:

— We added diversity/inclusiveness to our strategic plan and integrated it throughout the plan.

— An ad hoc committee is conducting a diversity audit of all existing programs, events, positions, celebrations, etc.

— We are building a website that celebrates inclusion and diversity.

— We are working on ways to make the reporting of discriminatory acts more transparent.

— A response team will be created to lead responses to any incidence of bias.

— Enhanced training on discrimination and harassment is planned for faculty and staff.

— We will hire a Chief Diversity Officer with plans for this person to begin work in January.

A 26-member Diversity and Inclusion Council has been formed composed of community agencies, university departments/organizations, governing bodies and student organizations. Their first meeting is being set for September and they will be tasked with assisting us in preparing a comprehensive diversity and inclusion plan for UWF.

Thank you for supporting these efforts and participating in making UWF a diverse and inclusive community.